Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Outer feet, pocket vents and thinkgeek sound

Lots of progress made over the Anzac weekend
First up was prepping and painting the JAG outer feet before attaching them to the legs and threading the power cables through

Secondly I painted and attached one of the pocketed vents into the front skins

and finally I finished the thinkgeek t-shirt modification (thanks to Andy Schwarz for the idea) to attach it to a 12ch remote. At the moment I've not bothered adding in an amp as I think it should be loud enough but I'll wait and see

The thinkgeek t-shirt came with a sound board and a wired remote. The wired remote was cut off and connected to a wireless 12 channel remote which I got from ebay

12ch wireless remote

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rear Logic Display Progress

I finally got round to soldering the rest of the led's for the rear logic display this weekend and quickly connected it up to the rest of the jedi control system

The display already looks fantastic even though some of my soldering is not up to scratch as there are a number of failed lights - I'll need to get round to fixing them at some stage

The status of the various components of the Jedi Control can also be seen

The jedi control system will be an excellent addition to R2 once it is all put together

More info about jedi control at http://www.jedicontrol.com/