Sunday, July 15, 2007

Celebration Europe - Excel July 13th-15th 2007

I took my R2 down to CE this weekend and joined up with fellow builders (Jeff, Oliver, Arnd, Mark, Steve and Wim) in the Droid Builders Room
I got to meet Kenny Baker, Don Bies, Daniel Deutsch and Albin Johnson

More photos can be seen at

Canary Wharf from Excel Arena

R2 Builders
Daniel Deutsch (Disney), Jeff Clark, Danny Wagner (ILM) Oliver Steeples, Don Bies (ILM) Wim Heirman, Arnd Reidel, Me

The R2 Builders Room

Oliver and Arnd's R2 Units

Jeff, Steve,Oliver and Wim's Astromechs

Leia and my R2

Anakin, Jeff's R2 and Padme

Another Leia and my R2

Obi-Wan and Anakin from UKG

UK Garrison

Kenny Baker signing

Jeff's R2 on CE Stage

Albin Johnson, founder of the 501st and R2 builders

UK Garrison Troopers


Darth and Caroline

Caroline and Jabba

X-Wing and R2

Arnd's first astromech

Don and Leia


Jeff carrying out some running repairs

Don Bies and My R2

Daniel Deutsch, Me and my R2

Troopers invade the Droid Builder Room

Royal Guard

Darth Maul in Dagobah

Vader Project