Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dome work

I've started work on the dome
Its a 300mm laser cut dome from Daren Murrer

The dome consists of an inner complete dome and an outer with the details. I have started cutting the detail pieces out and cleaning the slag left behind in the laser cutting process.

Here is the outer dome with the lower panels cut out...

This is the little saw I'm using to cut the panels out and then I use a small file and emery board to get rid of the slag

This is the size of the dome sitting on the frame

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Droid number 2 frame complete

I finished building the frame today and have also received our shipping crates from the UK which included several astromech parts

Here is the completed Com8 frame....

and here is the skirt from Totally Wired Droids....

Hopefully next week I'll get some time to start work on the 300mm dome

Friday, July 03, 2009

Droid Number 2

I have now started to build my second droid and this time it will be an all aluminium unit where possible

Starting with the frame I bought a Com8 from James in Texas and what a piece of machining this is - anyone looking for the perfect frame then this is it as far as I'm concerned

Here is the kit of parts you get with the premium package....

It goes together quite easily

Here are the holders for the utility arms...

The really neat thing is the thought that has gone into the build of the frame and includes a lot of extras....

door latch

shoulder flanges

battery holders

side panel

At this stage I've still not decided upon what designation of droid I'm going to build